Posted by: LM | June 5, 2008


ok this post is random. very very random.

last weekend i watched a movie that’s been in my netflix que for months now. you know how it goes. school and work and life get in the way of watching movies sometimes. and how dare they, right? in any case, i finally got this movie in my mailbox and eventually convinced my fiance to watch it with me during one of our date nights. it was a movie i didn’t know anything about aside from the fact that one of my students emailed me all excited because a czech girl was staring in this new movie that had just came out. “it’s great!” she told me. “watch it the very soonest you can.” (i must admit, i do miss their funny little sentences like that. haha) i added it to my que and didn’t give it a second thought until it was on my mail table.

waiting months to watch this movie was a HUGE mistake. this is probably one of the top movies on my “all time greats” list. to say that i loved it would be an understatement. the music was spectacular, the story was original, the characters were magnificent. in short, i’d recommend it to everyone and anyone. this will transcend differing tastes and genre preferences. boy, girl, whatever… you’ll love this movie. when i watched it i immediately called my best friend and ordered him to watch it too. there’s not a person on this planet more opposite of me than him. though he liked it for different reasons than i did, the point is that he still loved it. point made?

my fiance is the type of person who finds something he likes and completely immerses himself in it. the day after we watched Once he went online and read about the making of the movie. apparently the guy and the girl in the movie got together during the filming of the movie. the kicker is that he’s 37 and she’s 19. weird? haha. Glen Hansard is the name of the guy and Marketa Irglova ( could’ve never heard she was czech and been able to tell just from that name. ha!) is the girl. they’re both marvelous. not only are the marvelous at acting, they’re both INCREDIBLY talented musicians. it’s not often that you come across someone who is equally gifted in both of those spheres of media. they most certainly are.

the movie is filmed in Ireland, actually, but the CZ is mentioned and Marketa is just about as genuinely Czech as they come. Some interesting facts about the movie… the main characters aren’t given names. i actually didn’t notice until afterwards when i went to talk about the movie to someone and thought “wait just one second. what WERE their names?” i looked it up and it’s true, no names were given to them. the fact that they got through a whole movie without making the lack of something so essential obvious at all is pretty awesome if you ask me. also, Glen Hansard (the guy in the movie) wrote most, if not all, of the songs on the soundtrack. he’s incredible. i made sure i had that thing on my ipod hours after seeing the movie. it’s that good! so good, in fact, that one of the songs from Once won “best song from a motion picture” at the Academy Awards last year. look up Glen Hansard when you get the chance and don’t be like me and put off seeing this movie. it’s worth every minute!

here’s a couple clips to get you in the mood. (by the way, in the trailer, the thing that she says when he asks her if he loves her husband, ‘miluji tě’, is “i love YOU”.)

“Falling Slowly” with clips from the movie

Once Trailer


  1. I am glad to hear it is a good movie cause it has been sitting on my netflix list for a while. I might have to move it up now.

  2. Ironically I had the exact same experience with this movie… it sat on my Netflix queue for forever, and when it finally arrived I didn’t watch it for a week. And then I did, and immediately 1) ordered it on Amazon 2) bought the soundtrack, 3) it joined my Top 5 movies list. SO good!!

  3. I have the music and I love it, but for some reason I still haven’t seen it. I’ve been dying to for months. But you’ve inspired me. I’m going to watch it this very weekend!

  4. I have the music and I love it, but for some reason I still haven’t seen the movie. I’ve been dying to for months though. But you have inspired me. I’m determined to watch it this very weekend!

  5. I love the random posts!! It looks really good I am going to have to see it.

  6. I’m so happy you loved the movie too! I fell in love with the soundtrack as well. and yes, I agree that every person who watched it loved it 🙂

  7. Fantastic movie; spactacular music!

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