Posted by: LM | May 28, 2008

Prague Travel Tips

I’ve got several friends who are planning their own Euro Trips and I’ve always asked them all the same question: “You’re stopping in Prague, right?” My inspiration for this particular entry came from my most recent encounter with a friend planning a European Vacation this summer. He’s got one month to travel the continent. My first reaction was “LUCKY!!!” my second reaction was to ask him my infamous question. Yes, he assured me, he planned to stop in Prague. “How could I not after all the cool stuff you’ve said about it?” Good answer. I promised to give him a list of the must-sees along with some helpful travel tips. This blog is me making good on that promise

Prague Tourist Tip #1: Don’t Put Things Off

I was in Prague for 10 months, so it was easy for me to put off seeing things until another time. There are a lot of things I didn’t get around to seeing until my last month in town, which was a shame because I found out too late that there was a lot more awesome stuff around than I knew about. If you’re in Prague for only a short stay this won’t be as much of a temptation for you, but you still might get a case of the “I’ll do it tomorrows.” Omit this phrase from your vocabulary. Do it now. Who cares if you’re tired? You only live once and this is EUROPE!!!

Prague Tourist Tip #2: It Doesn’t Matter Where You Stay

As long as you’re somewhere safe, it doesn’t matter where you sleep at night. The truth is, if you’re doing things the right way you’ll only be there for 5-8 hours of the day anyways. And during those hours it won’t matter what the place looks like because it’ll be dark and you’ll be unconscious. Go cheap with your accommodations so that you can spend your cash on something else more fun.

Prague Tourist Tip #3: When It Comes to Transportation, Don’t Be a Cheap-o

There are lots of countries in Europe where you can say “pishaw” to buying a transportation pass. Prague isn’t one of those places. Sure if you’d like to save a few bucks it’s possible to walk from point A to point B all day long, but the passes are cheap and they take you EVERYWHERE! Why pinch pennies where there’s no need? This isn’t like Paris or London where the metro lines are cut in zones. One ticket takes you ANYWHERE you want to go. Across town is the same price as two stops away. It’s money well-spent and time well-saved.

Prague Tourist Tip #4: Go Now. Your Wallet Will Thank You!

The Czech Republic goes to the Euro in 2010. Trust me, you want to get there before that happens. Things now are inexpensive and the economy is great over there (unlike here. boo.). Don’t wait for prices to shoot up 200% before you go. If you’re a middle-class joe like me, you can’t afford to wait until later. DO IT NOW!!!

Prague Tourist Tip #5: Talk to the Locals

Czech people are phenominal. They’re some of the smartest and most friendly people I’ve ever met. If you get lost, forget your map. In fact, I recommend leaving that map in your hotel (or hostel, if you take my advice) and relying on the Czech people to be your guide. They love to help. Trust me, I got lost PLENTY! Plus, 9 times out of 10 you’ll get a free tour guide because they’ll tell you all about the thing you’re going to see. It’s a sweet deal.

Prague Tourist Tip #6: Blend In

A tourist who is being blatantly touristy is a very aggravating thing. Don’t block hallways while you’re trying to take a picture. Don’t keep your nose in a map so that you run into people who are trying to get to work. Don’t yell across the street at the other half of your party who crossed before the tram came. Take it easy. As an American living in Prague, there was nothing more embarrassing than seeing a crowd of American tourists screaming and horsing around as the Czech people glared annoyingly at them. Keep in mind that this isn’t a vacation for everybody. Some people are trying to live their lives while you’re clogging corridor.

In my next entry I’ll do an overview of how to get the most out of Prague in a three day visit.


  1. I am ready to hop on a plane right now!!!!!! I think you should be a tour guide!!!!!! I miss you!!! You are an amazing writer.

  2. I have a question when ever I comment a way different time shows up. I am guessing thats the current time in Prague

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