Posted by: LM | May 19, 2008


That name, Petřín, is a perfect example of the tongue-twister that is the Czech language. I was sitting here trying to explain the sound that little “r” with the háček (that little u on top of the r) would make in English.. truth is, there’s no equivalent. Even if you were sitting here in front of me and I made the sound for you chances are either I’d do it wrong (that’s the most likely) or you wouldn’t be able to imitate it. I got to the point while living there where I’d just make a sound that SOUNDED, to me, like the sound I heard when people would say would like čtyři (four). To summarize my rant, I can’t tell you how to pronounce this. haha. Point made? Anyways… the hill. Petřín is a hill in Prague known for it romantic atmosphere, its historic surroundings, and its miniature of the Eiffel Tower.

The little Eiffel Tower (eifelovka) was put there for a reason that, honestly, I don’t know. I searched all over the internet and found nothing. So… sorry. I’ll tell you what I know. What I know is… well, nothing. I know that there are a lot of stairs, so I never climbed the thing (lazy? ya, I know). I’ve HEARD it’s a great view. I’m sure it is. The view from the hill alone is spectacular. The entire hill is a gorgeous park. There’s actually a Czech holiday some time in the spring involving couples kissing under trees for good luck and a lot of the couples go up and plant their kisses under one of Petřín’s many trees. One of these days I’m going to write a blog specifically about all the crazy holidays I can remember from the CZ because there are a lot. We had a day off of school just about every month for some kind of odd holiday. haha.

You can get up to Petřín in one of two ways. My personal favorite was by taking the little tram up the hill. It’s a sweet ride. It’s essentially a metro car that goes uphill. Most people choose that option. If you buy a transportation pass, the ride up the hill is included. Might as well get your money’s worth, right? haha. Your other option is to hike. I took this route by mistake one time. It was actually rather humiliating. I’d only been to Petřín once before and wanted to take some visiting friends from home up to see the tiny Eiffel Tower. I was sure I knew where the little tram was to take us up the hill. Apparently I didn’t. We ended up walking up the entire hill looking for it and even got lost during our ascension. My fellow travelers and I were tired, sweaty, and rather miffed at the end of the day. We did see Eiffelovka though. So it was… worth it? OH! P.S. Petřín is right across the street from that Bohemia Bagel at the Ujezd tram stop that I mentioned in another entry. So work up an appetite climbing the hill then come on down for a chocolate chip bagel. Mmmm. 🙂

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