Posted by: LM | April 27, 2008


In a land where history and mystery are everywhere but the comforts of home are few and far between, there was one place my flat-mates and I could continually find comfort in: Bohemia Bagel. It is what it sounds like. A hip, bohemian-style bagel joint. So what makes this place different from the other hot spots of Prague? Three words: cheap & English menus. The coffee was 23 Kc (about $1 USD) with free refills. You can get a dozen bagels for about $10 and if you aren’t picky (which starving college students never are, trust me) there are always yesterday’s bagels for sale at a discounted price. Not only that, but this place had FOOD. Real food that you can find in the states. Real food that you can find in the states that’s NOT McDonald’s or KFC. Rare. We treasured it.

There are two Bohemia Bagel locations THAT I KNOW OF in Prague in addition to one bagel cart at the I.P. Pavlova metro stop. I’m sure there are more, but the ones I frequented were found at the Ujzed stop for trams 22 & 23 and another around the corner from Old Town Square. Just say the words “Bohemia Bagel” to any local and they’ll point you in the right direction and explain in their broken English. Chances are you’ll get a friendly Czech who jumps at the change to practice English and will walk you right up to the front door. Even if you have to ask 20 people, it’s worth it when you get there. Their soup is phenomenal and the caprese sandwich is to die for. I dare you to disagree.

My best memories of Bohemia Bagel, though, have nothing to do with the food. The people who work there are first rate and the atmosphere had something so homey about it that I could never get enough. I wish I had actual pictures of this place because we had some great times there after wandering the streets of Prague. On a particularly frigid winter day a friend and I escaped the snow and sat in Bohemia Bagel just sipping our $1 coffee, thawing our limbs and talking. It’s one of my favorite memories just because of the company and the atmosphere. [Just a note, the Old Town Square location also has an internet cafe. Added bonus.] Recommendations? Aside from the things I’ve already mentioned, I’m a big fan of their onion bagels. The chocolate chip bagels are surprisingly out of this world also.


  1. I LOVE BAGELS!!!!!! lol

  2. I miss Bohemia Bagel. Did I tell you that for my Publication Editing class, I designed a newsletter all about Prague? It turned out really nice. I’ll have to send you a PDF or something.
    Just another example of how all of us come back but can’t get this place off our minds.

  3. […] Start your day off right with a stop at Bohemia Bagel . There’s one right off of Old Town Square. For directions either ask a local or go read my blog dedicated to Bohemia Bagel here. […]

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